Kitchen Best ​Stuffs
I cannot stress this enough, a kitchen without a good kitchen knife has never gone down well with me. I have been called to help with cooking when my friends have BBQs or birthday parties and turned them down because they don't have anything close to what I'd call a kitchen knife! Food preparation is just as important to me as the cooking process and I hate it when I have to struggle with a knife to even cut veggies, leave alone the meat! Don't you? I mean, when slicing a tomato becomes... it's time to stop. Right?

​​So I took it upon myself to go searching for best kitchen knives reviews online. I wanted to buy all my friends new kitchen knives as gifts. The horror! I came across so many good looking and promising knives that making a choice became a pain. Like really, I developed a painful neck and finger from all those long hours of staring at my laptop screen and clicking.

​​A few facts I picked up in my journey to find the perfect blades for my crew all pointed to Japanese knives being better than German knives. So for my bro next door (this dude needs to get married soon!) I decided something oriental would be good. He takes Judo classes and has classic kung fu action star posters all over the house so the Japanese kitchen knives would go well with him. I got him the Tojiro DP western deba. Notice the "western"? Well, the Tojiro is a slightly tapered hybrid knife. Why?

​​It's a mixture of the gyuto and the deba, two traditional Japanese knives. It is the gyuto (which inspires about 85% of the Tojiro's design) that carries a western look. I couldn't stop myself from the urge to try the knife first before I delivered the "gift". I went straight to the kitchen that evening and took this amazing looking kitchen knife for a test. The thing looks great out of the box! I remember looking at my reflection on the Shiny blade and thinking; really, will I give this to him?

​​The Tojiro is what you would call a smaller reincarnation of the Excalibur. It cuts like magic. I went back online and found out that the blade's razor-sharp cutting edge is made of a hardened steel alloy called VG-10. Whatever that means? But they describe it as super steel​, so I think I like it. I have not had to sharpen mine for about 2 and a half months now and it still works great. The edges are keen. Dicing is a breeze. The kitchen knife is really sharp and the handle is designed for a firm grip. But truthfully speaking, it needs some little getting used to.

​​After 2+ months of use I can confidently say that this is the best knife I have ever held and had the pleasure of using. The 90 degrees angle where the blade connects to the handle helps me when slicing french-style carrots.

​​This kitchen knife does everything from cutting up or curving birds to cutting steak. I still use my previous kitchen knife (it wasn't that bad...) for most of my cooking though I prefer the Tojiro when I'm having friends and family over. I like the effect it has on them. It's a beautiful looking Japanese kitchen knife and they all want to touch it or try it. I would recommend this knife to everyone.

​​Tip: Japanese kitchen knives need a lot of care to serve you longer. Always clean your kitchen knife immediately after use.

Oh, my friend Ray will still get a knife.